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Bloom You Beautiful Thing Weekender Tote Bag by Gnat & Corky

The perfect casual day out accessory, the Bloom You Beautiful Thing Weekender Tote is sturdy, spacious, and eco-friendly. Plus, the strong, durable straps allow for maximum comfort. So, Blow the dried out dandelions. Plant a seed. Explore confidently. Chase anything that flies, scurries or hops. Be you. Be kind. Giggle. Sigh. Live. Run. Fly anywhere your dreams take you.

Welcome to the whimsy world of Gnat & Corky, a unique collection made with watercolor and words that inspire imagination, kindness, creativity, and humor for all ages. There are stories behind every stitch and a boundless world full of vibrant color where everyone is welcome to explore and become…

  • $52.00
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