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Donate to Chicago Refugee Coalition

As more than 8000 refugees now call Chicago, HOME, Pyar&Co. reached out to the Refugee Coalition of Chicago to donate bedding to those in need. More than 100 quilts, sheet sets from Pyar&Co. was received with open arms!  But- we didn't stop there, we want to do MORE!
Now, we are asking you to HELP US CONTINUE TO GIVE!
Join  Pyar & Co. in supporting the Chicago Refugee Coalition by donating to those in need in Chicago. 
Make your donation of:
OR  $100.00 t
to help us give to those who have made their journey to CHICAGO.
100% of your donation goes DIRECTLY to the Refugee Coalition of Chicago to assist the 8,000+ refugees who now call our city, HOME.
  • $10.00