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Gift Wrapping

A special gift deserves special wrapping.
Let us transform your present using luxury paper and trimmings.

Bring in your unwrapped gifts and leave ready for serious gift-giving.
Pull up a seat at the shop's 'sweet spot' and transform your presents with your selection of our paper, ribbons and decorations.

Treasured items last a lifetime.

$25 for 1-3 packages (30 Minutes)
$45 for 4-6 packages (60 Minutes)

With global roots and a Chicago sensibility, Pyar & Co.’s handmade, ethically sourced styles are heirlooms with ancient heritage, meant to be cherished through generations — a continuous thread from the nursery to the wings of adulthood. Loving attention to detail makes every pillow, throw, table linen and pouf an unmissable work of art, while vibrant colors and patterns bring joy and warmth, mimicking that of your own home and family. Because love is just the beginning of the story. Pyar & Co. helps you tell yours.

  • $25.00