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Charcoal Anar Pillow Cover, Eternity Collection

A floral design, the subtle Indian vibe and neutral tones of deep charcoal and winter white, the Anar is a contemporary way to suitable to be a classic contemporary accent.

What to pair with the Charcoal Anar Pillow?  The Team at Pyar&Co. suggests to mix pairing with the Pyar&Co. Distressed Black Leather Dohni Pillow or match up with texture-filled Kaliyann Pillow in black linen with gold flowers.

Insert Size needed: 22x22 inch

Each piece by INKA with Pyar&Co. is crafted by hand; each color is created by master artisans; each print is pressed from hand to block to fabric. In the hands of the Craftsmen, hand-block printing is about adding to the beauty and creative process of pattern making by hand.

Fabric: Cotton

Color: Charcoal


Size: 20"x20"

Insert Needed: 22"x22" 

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