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Renaissance Duvet Cover, Blue

Elevate casual with the indigo blue Diamond pattern duvet set. This fresh and stylish block print creates a sense of ease and effortlessness. Defining casual with soft lines and soothing blue hue from Inka's Renaissance Collection.

What to place atop the covers of the Diamond Duvet?  The Team at Pyar&Co. is drawn to the idea of soft lines found in the Fleur Pillow to the soft textures of the white Mongolian Fur Pillow.


Set Includes: INKA's reversible duvet cover set comes in a soft cotton fabric, hidden button closures and inner ties to keep insert in place. Includes: 2 Shams featuring an envelope closure.

When not in use, store the duvet set away inside the accompanying bag.


Each piece by INKA with Pyar&Co. is crafted by hand; each color is created by master artisans; each print is pressed from hand to block to fabric. In the hands of the Craftsmen, hand-block printing is about adding to the beauty and creative process of pattern making by hand.

  • $137.00