Pyar&Co. Accessories & Gifts

Pyar&Co. Accessories & Gifts

Powerful. Colorful. Refind.

Pyar&Co.'s range of soulful, stylish accessories offers their own natural character and unique detail from purpose to fashion while maintaining the highest level of craftsmanship. 

Carry it with you!  Wear it on you! Feel it; Fringe it; Whatever it is, it should make you smile!











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Pyar&Co. Chana Navy Clutch
Pyar&Co. Kaee Tote Bag
Pyar&Co. Foxglove Tote Bag
Pyar&Co. Kaasmos Tote Bag
Pyar&Co. Red Leather Desk Set, Metallic Gold
Style R
Style R
Puri Cuff- Natural
Pyar&Co. Light Pink & Metallic Silver Leather Clutch
Pyar&Co. Orange Leather Clutch
Pyar&Co. Fuchsia & Gold Leather Clutch
Yami Cuff- White
Yami Cuff- Raspberry
Yami Cuff- Orange
Yami Cuff- Grey
Yami Cuff- Gunmetal
Yami Cuff- Fuschia
Yami Cuff- French Blue
Yami Cuff- Blush
Yami Cuff- Black
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