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  1. Heart Mug
  2. Vintage Belmar Pottery Ceramic Strawberry Jar with Lid
  3. Vintage Daisy Tree Italian Art Pottery
  4. Eden Flower 4" X 6" Picture Frame - Blue
  5. Lake Min 3 Hook Pillow
  6. AM Candle
  7. PM Candle
  8. Metal Electroplated Table Lamp
  9. Charcoal Resin Pattern Resin Frame
  10. Free Form Organically Shaped Tray
  11. White Blown Glass Table Lamp w/ Inline Switch
  12. Fluted Brass Finished Planter
  13. Navy Ceramic Vase
  14. Always Believe Stoneware Tray
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  15. Marble Pedestal w/ Interlocking Base
  16. Stoneware Basket, Matte Cream Colored Speckled
  17. Taylor & Travis Super Bowl LVIII Mug
  18. Taylor's Version NFL Mug