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  1. Victorian Vintage
  2. Take Me to the Tropics Summer Dress
  3. Seeing Spots Metallic Leopard Blouse
  4. JUST LET LOOSE Slate Blue Pinstripe Pants
  5. JUST LET LOOSE Dried Rose Pinstripe Pants
  6. LAST ONE!! The Sweetest Stripes for Summer Midi Dress
  7. Heavenly Ivory Polkadot Halter Top
  8. Gold Polkadot Ruffle Top
  9. Total BABE Sweatshirt
  10. Hoodie & jogger pant set
  11. Joggers in Blue-Gray
  12. Pack it Up Vest,Sky Blue
  13. Pack it Up Vest, Bordeaux
  14. Pack it Up Vest, Black