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  1. 17.5 inch Silver Castle King Nutcracker
  2. A Little Lime Goes A Long Ways Cardigan Sweater
  3. A Trio of Nutcrackers Pillow
  4. Apres Ski Linen Tote Bag
  5. Black Mock Neck Sweater with Piping Detail
  6. Black Puffer Cell Bag w/Snowflake Star Strap
  7. Black Puffer Crossbody Hip Bag w/Rainbow Track Strap
  8. Blue & Taupe Malteeton Tape Trim
  9. Sold Out
  10. Can I Get a Stripe with that Camo Sweater
  11. Candy Vision Nutcracker Needlepoint Stocking
  12. Charcoal Carali Pillow Cover
  13. Charcoal Vintage Distressed Black Boyfriend Jeans
  14. Chicago Denim Tote Bag
  15. Chicago Foodie Mug
  16. Chicago Fovere Fanny Pack
  17. Chicago Tea Towel
  18. Chicago Themed Swedish Dishcloth
  19. Christmas Cabin Pillow
  20. Chunky Rainbow Tassle Scarf
  21. Citron du Sud Toile Mini Pagoda Candle