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For the Kitchen

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  1. Taylor Swift Lover Can I Go Mug
  2. Taylor Swift Time Person of the Year Mug
  3. Taylor's Version NFL Mug
  4. Taylor & Travis Superbowl End Game Mug
  5. Taylor Swift Eras I Was There Mug
  6. Taylor Swift Eras Tour Outfits Mug
  7. Mugs 'Taylor in pastels' by Giddy Kipper
  8. Taylor Swift Eras Tour Enchanted Coffee Mug
  9. Taylor Swift Eras Long Live Mug
  10. Cocktail Stirrers w/ Blown Glass Bees, Boxed Set of 4
  11. Bottle Opener w/ Marbled Resin & Mango Wood Handle
  12. Stainless Steel Bar Tools w/ Resin Handles
  13. Stoneware Bread Basket
  14. Plaid Cheese Spreader