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  1. Taylor & Travis Superbowl End Game Mug
  2. Taylor & Travis Super Bowl LVIII Mug
  3. Taylor's Version NFL Mug
  4. Taylor Swift Time Person of the Year Mug
  5. Taylor Swift Eras I Was There Mug
  6. Taylor Swift Lover Can I Go Mug
  7. Taylor Swift Eras Tour Outfits Mug
  8. Taylor Swift Eras Long Live Mug
  9. Taylor Swift Eras Tour Enchanted Coffee Mug
  10. Taylor Swift Karma Coffee Mug
  11. Mugs 'Taylor in pastels' by Giddy Kipper
  12. Mugs, Dirty Dancing By Rock and Rose Creative
  13. Stainless Steel Bar Tools w/ Resin Handles
  14. Decorated in Butterflies Light Blue Sweater
  15. Mint Mockneck Sweater
  16. Teal Striped Sweater
  17. Loose Fit Stripe Fall Winter Long Sleeve Sweater
  18. Homere Blue Corduroy Jacket
  19. COLOR ME HAPPY - 100% Cashmere
  20. SPLIT DECISION - 100% Cashmere
  21. Fine Knit Boat Neck Sweater in White
  22. Sweater in White with Fuchsia
  23. Cozy Mocha Sweater