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About Katarina

Katarina - the creative, spunky, and extremely thoughtful young 10-year-old author of, “Skyscrapers.”

Katarina lives in Florida (born in Lincoln, Nebraska) with her family: Dad- Steve; Mom- Tina; and Brother - Patton (Dog- PK and...Turtle- Swimmy!)

Lil’ Pyar asked Katarina (KT) to share a little bit about herself and the story behind this inspiring poem. “I chose to write about a skyscraper because if you’re a skyscraper you are tall and strong and people can’t put you down.” Read more about Katarina’s “give-back” ways and her energetic and positive attitude:

Why did you choose a Skyscraper?

K: A Skyscraper is tall; strong; and no one can put you down.

Where do you find your confidence?

K: My family! As a family we like to “RAK” (Random Acts of Kindness). We buy or make a little gift for someone; then knock on their door, leave the gift and RUN away (and then watch their reactions)! I always try to be a Skyscraper for others. When a new student started in my class, I tried to be nice to her so that she felt good.  I wanted to write about Skyscrapers because if you’re a skyscraper your tall, strong. If I was a skyscraper, you would find me in London--so that I could be by Harry Potter!

What excites you the most about having your poem featured on Lil’ Pyar products?

K: It makes me so happy to know that the poem will go on and touch other people! 

What message do you want others to gain from reading your poem, “Skyscrapers?”


Tell us, what do you want to be when you grow up? 

K: When I grow up, I want to be an actress because I LOVE the feeling of being on stage, making people laugh and acting like other people.