Giving Back

Giving Back and doing a little something extra for children and education, is simply just a little bit about who we are at Lil’Pyar (and Pyar&Co.)

What Excites Us About Our Give back Program?

A portion of the profits from each sale of the Skyscraper pillow and Skyscraper tote bag will be given to! This national, not-for-profit organization, raises funds for the purpose to eliminate the need for teachers to purchase supplies, and other necessaties, for their students' education.

Our Hope

For individuals, JUST LIKE YOU, to get on board! By purchasing a Lil' Pyar Skyscraper Pillow or Tote Bag, you can be a part of Lil' Pyar's donation to, which goes towards supplies and resources needed in the classroom.  Just by giving back, YOU will help in the effort to reduce the impact on teachers and school districts who are often times covering the costs of resources and supplies from their own pockets.

Click on an image below to purchase from our Etsy shop:

Where did the inspiration for the 2014 Fall/Winter Design we call, SKYSCRAPERS come from?

Because's intent is to increase learning and to make certain teachers have the needed resources and supplies for their students, we thought it was only fitting to highlight the work of a student!   With one read, we admit, we knew Skyscrapers was the poem!  The inspiring words seemed perfect for a design which would remind us, and encourage us,  to find our own skyscraper inside, no matter our age!

About Katarina, Young Author, “Skyscraper”

Katarina, a young, now 10-year-old, student from Florida has the dream of someday being an actress; and, admits if she was a skyscraper, she would be standing tall in London to be near -- Harry Potter (but of course!) 

Pyar&Co. is now accepting submissions of artwork for the NEXT student work for 2015 email:

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