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Lake House Hook Pillow

This pillow features a gorgeous blue color reminiscent of clear lake waters. The soothing shade of blue adds a touch of serenity and peacefulness to any space, instantly transforming your living room, bedroom, or outdoor seating area into a serene retreat.

The design of the Blue Lake House Pillow showcases a picturesque lake house scene. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you gaze upon the tranquil waters, the lush surrounding greenery, and perhaps even a distant sailboat or a pair of ducks gracefully swimming by. The intricate detailing of the lake house scene creates a captivating visual that invites you to imagine yourself in the midst of a peaceful lakeside getaway.


Size: 9x18 inches. 100% wool hooked throw pillow with 100% velvet backing.

  • $58.00