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Lichen Carved Planter Collection

These planters were handcrafted with speckled brown stoneware clay on the potter's wheel. Each pot is hand carved. The glaze combination is a moss green with a frothy moonscape like glaze over the top. This is truly a unique item to add to your shop. Due to the volatility of the glazes in the kiln no two will ever be quite the same. Each glaze is applied the same but the kiln and heat due their work to create this varied surface creating dramatic impact along the surface. Expect variations due to the glaze combo, the carving and the fact each one is hand thrown!


No two are ever the same.



All items are handmade and will vary slightly in size. Approximate measurements: Small: 4.5 inches tall x 5 inches wide. Made in the United States. 

  • $59.00