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Just like the iconic Indian saris which first inspired Paula Queen to launch her company, each pillow in the Pyar & Co. collection is handcrafted and distinct. From the exclusive embellishments, sourced by Queen in the Indian markets, to the woven luxurious fabrics; which all reach the hands of the artisan whom stitch-by-stitch, detail-by-detail, will create the composition of the pillow. Queen aims to create unlikely pairings such as metal and linen with intent for each pillow to celebrate a timeless work of art.

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Turquoise Pyar&Co. POMPANO Pillow
Black Pin Kushan Pillow Cover
Charcoal Carali Pillow Cover
Ziva Pillow Cover
Charcoal Anar Pillow Cover, Eternity Collection
Eternity Citron Chevron Pillow Cover
Aqua & Blush Noor Pillow Cover Guldasta Collection
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Light Blue Velvet Pillow Cover
Light Pink Velvet Pillow Cover
Blue-Gray AMLI Pillow Cover
Esma Pillow Cover
Burgundy & Green Buta Pillow Cover, Guldasta Collection
Burgundy & Green Guldasta Pillow Cover
Hydrangea Pillow Cover
Black Linen TARI Lumbar
Python Lumbar Pillow
Pyar&Co. Bay Laurel Pillow
Pyar&Co. Silver JAAL Lumbar
Pyar&Co. Silver Jaal Pillow, 12x12
Natural Linen TARI Lumbar
Pyar&Co. Eztek Lumbar Pillow
Pyar&Co. MAKADEE Long Lumbar Pillow
Pyar&Co. MAKADEE Lumbar Pillow
Navy Blue Sequins Langara Pillow by Pyar&Co.
Pyar&Co. UMA Pillow
Pyar&CO. Distressed Black with Brass TARAK Lumbar Pillow Cover
Pyar&CO. Metallic Gunmetal TARAK Lumbar Pillow Cover
Pyar&Co. Pota
Pyar&Co. Pota
Pyar&Co. Metallic Gunmetal DOHNI Pillow Cover
Pyar&Co. Worn Turquoise-Blue DOHNI Pillow Cover
Pyar&Co. CHAATA, blue
Pyar&Co. CHAATA, blush
Pyar&CO. Blue TARAK Lumbar Pillow Cover
Pyar&CO. Distressed Black TARAK Lumbar Pillow Cover
49 results
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